More isn't always more
10 Feb

More isn't always more


More offerings don’t necessarily mean better service. I see so many fitness organizations create a LARGE net to catch everyone and miss out on truly impacting an individuals life and coach them to their goals. We had the option to continue a successful group CrossFit program and Add our OPEX coaching, but I saw conflicting belief systems between those two products. I had to choose because I knew one was better for our clients than the other.  What we have gained are deeper relationships and a higher understanding of our clients wants and goals, along with the ability to personally work with them daily on habits outside the gym.  Our clients get results. Period

Nick Norden

Pictured is Nick Norden. Successful Attorney, husband, and father. He had been training in our group program for 18 months. Sure, he got fitter but what he really needed was balance and to feel younger. He made the Switch to OPEX coaching and in just 8 weeks he altered nutrition for his whole family, takes an extra rest day and feels more energetic from his sessions. His body metrics are trending in the right direction and he couldn’t be happier. More isn’t always more.  

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