You've got everything going for you, except Health.
05 Mar

You've got everything going for you, except Health.

Getting it all together

You’ve got everything going for you, business, family, friends, and finances.  So why is getting the check next to health and fitness so elusive?

I speak with and coach accomplished professionals daily and I was pondering on a common topic that begins early in a coach/client relationship around success in every corner of life but literally abysmal failure in the most important category of a humans life…health.  

Why is that?

  1. Prioritization – How important is it to you and why do you prioritize health in the order you’ve placed it? Sometimes we fail to look at the end of a river.  If we take that approach to business, relationships, or finances how could that affect the level of success? In business we create vision, then brainstorm, then develop processes, followed by implementation and spot checks with metrics to ensure we are on pace with our goals.  Why wouldn’t we apply those same principles to health and fitness? If we’re looking at priorities, how important is it to you to live longer and enjoy the appearance of the vessel you’ve been given to live out the entirety of your life? Does more energy and focus through your day sound like a useful benefit?
  2. Time – Instead of looking at how much time it takes to incorporate fitness, let’s line up how much you value health with time you’d be willing to invest in order to experience the benefits of a fitness program.  Take steps. 3 hours towards your health is better than zero and you can begin experiencing some of the biggest benefits with just 30 mins a day of focused training.
  3. Expense – If you were guaranteed the results, what would those benefits be worth to you?
  4. The non-sexy fixes – Eat your Vegetables, chew, drink water, sleep, and find time in the day to decompress and breathe.  These aren’t the headlines of most fitness programs but contribute to some of the most life changing benefits you’ll find in making shifts towards a healthier life.  Find a coach that has beliefs that support changes in these areas. At OPEX we call them the BLG’s of life – Basic Lifestyle Guidelines.
  5. Incorporate – Hobbies, Sports, or Activities that don’t revolve around alcohol and food.  Use your new fitness to find ways to experience life through a new lens. Next time you’re in California go for a trail run or rent a mountain bike.  Join a baseball league with other business professionals, pick up Tennis, sign up for an adventure race with your staff, etc… Instead of coaching your kids, go out there and show them how it’s done.

Luis Rodriguez

Head Coach/Owner – OPEX Horizon West

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