Luis Rodriguez
Head Coach/Owner

Luis Rodriguez

"Live, Love, Work, Play, Inspire, Seek... Life was designed with Purpose, make sure you Live on Purpose"

"The beauty of being a personal coach is that we get to prescribe Fitness to a client without bias. We learn and understand our clients current status of physical and mental capacity concurrently with their habitual choices in nutrition, sleep, and stressors.  We have no need to copy what’s hip or in. We don’t follow the fads and trends of the industry. Our only goal is to help that client find achievement and fulfillment through fitness and lifestyle habits."

Luis Rodriguez

Born in 1981 Luis is FLO-Grown.  As a native to Florida Luis enjoys fitness, sport, and activity.  From bodybuilding specific training in his early 20's, to athletic speed and power into his late 20's, Luis has found new ways to express his own fitness with ample variety including endurance specific events or activities.  You'll find him at a CrossFit competition here and there, riding his bike with the local roadies (2x cycling state champion), or enjoying a mud run or obstacle race. At the age of 37, his own training in the gym is to leave him capable in a multitude of expressions and experiences through fitness.  He loves challenges as he finds new ways to integrate fitness and find further fulfillment and enjoyment through activity.  

"I believe it's important to experience (variations in fitness), so that we might truly find understanding"

OPEX Assessment and Program Design - 2013

OPEX Life Coaching and Nutrition - 2013


American College of Sports Medicine CPT, 2004

NASM CPT, 2007

NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist, 2008

CrossFit lvl 1, 2012

CrossFit lvl 2, 2017

CrossFit Powerlifting 2012

USAW Lvl 1 Sports Performance Coach

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